You can now save your searches and filters
It is quite common to look for the same things over and over again when manipulating metadata. That is why we added Saved Searches to your lists.
Saved Searches 2
When you end up using multiple filters to find what you are looking for, you will now be able to save those filters and recall them at any time.
These Saved Searches can be shared with members of your team or be kept private for your own use.
We hope they will make you save tons of time!
Metadata exports and improved custom columns
Some users have requested that we improve the way metadata is exported in Reprtoir account. We listened closely and came up with the ultimate metadata export tool!
Export Modal
To this extremely practical feature, we also bring you a complete redesign of our custom columns. Now they are more powerful and efficient than before.
A new tab view as main navigation
The Tab View works exactly like your internet browser’s tabs: every artist, album or track panel you open opens up as a tab instead of as a panel.
Capture d'écran 2019-09-27 15
You can toggle between tab view and panel view at any moment.
Capture d'écran 2019-09-27 15
Both views have their merits:
  • The
    Tab View
    improves readability by displaying the entire width of your panel, but you must switch from one tab to the other to access your data
  • The
    Panel View
    gives you immediate access to the data found in your different opened panels, but you sacrifice readability.
You can now take advantage of even more flexibility in the way you manage your working environment choosing by one or the other.
Metadata bulk export of all results of a search
Today we release a feature that allows users to export the metadata of all the results of a search query.
This feature is accessible from the
menu on top of every lists in Reprtoir.
New product released: Works Manager
Works Manager
We are pleased to announce the release of a major new product today:
Works Manager, a musical works management software that facilitates the digital transition of music publishing professionals.
Essentially, Works Manager lets music publishers and songwriters better manage their catalogues of works and compositions.
Released 2019-09-11
Playlists for business
  • We added the ability to bulk download audio files of a playlist on the client view
  • Every MP3 file exported from the playlist client view now has ID3 Tags
Released 2019-09-03
We added the ability to import Contacts and Companies from Spreadsheets.
Released 2019-08-29
Rights Manager
We updated the creation of contracts.
  • There is a new field called Resource Type that allows choosing on which type of resource the contract will be allowed to be associated to.
  • The type field is required and group all unique contract's types.
  • There is a new Resource Type filter in contracts list.
Released 2019-08-13
Rights Manager
Rights Manager got a complete makeover
  • We added the possibility to define territorial restrictions to contracts.
  • Rightsholders (Contacts and Companies) can now be assigned to Artists, Record Labels, Songwriters, Music Publishers directly within each of their respective lists.
  • It is now possible to assign Rightholders to Tracks as well as define royalty splits directly at the track level.
Released 2019-06-11
  • It is no longer possible to mass update a Company Name if more than one Company is selected.
  • Reprtoir accounts can't have more than one Artist, Writer, Producer or Publisher with the same name (case sensitive).
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