Albums and Playlists duplication
Audio Manager
Playlists for business
We just released the ability to duplicate any album or playlist in a matter of seconds.
All users with the "create/edit" permission in Audio Manager and Playlist for Business can access this new feature.
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Lyrics are now available
Audio Manager
Works Manager
We added a new Lyrics field on Tracks and Works.
It allows you to store that information in Reprtoir to have everything centralized.
Lyrics are also displayed on Tracks and Works panes and we also added a Lyrics filter in your Tracks and Works lists.
CWR exports of Works
Works Manager
We are really happy to announce the support of the CWR (Common Works Registration) format within Reprtoir.
We developed the export so you can now select some Works in your list and then export them into the CWR format.
Alternates titles on Works
Works Manager
When you create or edit your works you can now enter alternates title for it!
This will be especially useful for CWR exports of your Works.
alternates titles
Small new features in Audio Manager
Audio Manager
  • We added the total playing time of Albums
  • We added a Notes field on every resources
  • We added an Exploitable field on Tracks
  • You can now upload your own pictures on Artists
New features in Royalties Manager
Royalties Manager
We have spent the last few weeks improving our Royalties Manager product.
  • You can now process Incomes from statement files that contains mechanicals or publishing revenues from your Works.
  • We added several new statement providers (see full list below).
To process certain statements we have added the following codes on the Works:
  • Abramus Code
  • ASCAP Code
  • BackOffice Code
  • BMI Code
  • BUMA Code
  • ICE Services Code
  • Kobalt Code
  • PRS Code (Tunecode)
  • SACEM Code
  • SUISA Code
And the following code on the Tracks:
  • IPF Code
Here is as today the supported statement providers:
  • Abramus
  • ADA (US)
  • ADA (UK)
  • Apple Financial Report (iTunes)
  • Apple iTunes Match Report
  • Apple Music Reports (Financial Detail)
  • Apple Music Reports (Beats 1 Detail)
  • Awal
  • Backoffice
  • Bandcamp
  • Believe
  • BMI
  • BUMA
  • Danmark Music Group
  • Deezer
  • dig dis!
  • Distrokid
  • Dubset
  • Feiyr
  • FUGA
  • Idol
  • iMusician
  • Ingrooves
  • IPF
  • Kobalt
  • PRS for Music / MCPS
  • Spotify
  • SoundCloud
  • The Orchard
  • Tunecore
  • OneRPM
  • Other Audio/Videos
  • Other Works
  • Vevo
  • YouTube
New ISNI field on Contributors
We have added an ISNI field on Contributors (Artists, Record Labels, Songwriters, Music Publishers) to store your ISNI identifiers from
We also added a new column and filter for this field on all the contributors lists.
New ICE field in Works Manager
Works Manager
We have added an ICE field on works to store your work identifier if you have identifiers issued by
We also added a new column and filter for this field on the works list.
Royalties Manager 🚀
We are proud to announce the official release of Royalties Manager available for all of our users.
Royalties Manager is
a royalty software for record labels and music publishers
specifically built to handle incomes, fees, advances, and process royalty statements from any source, in any currency, in minutes.
But Royalties Manager
is more than a royalty software
, it records all debit and credit transactions, automatically generates the associated financial flows, and displays real-time balances by following the
same concept of a regular accounting software
We are convinced that Royalties Manager will save you a huge amount of time by
processing your royalties at lightning speed
, giving you an
in-depth view of your sales and finances
, and that it will help your business grow.
Main Features
  • Manage
    multiple royalty accounting Organizations
    multiple currencies
    one Reprtoir account
    (more than
    150 currencies
    including main cryptocurrencies available).
  • Manage any incomes
    from streams, downloads, performances, licenses, synchronizations, and direct revenues (mechanicals, publishing, and sub-publishing will be added soon).
  • Manage any expenses
    , including recoupable, semi-recoupable or non-recoupable fees and advances.
  • Ingest easily royalty statement spreadsheets
    from distributors, aggregators, or stores like The Orchard, Believe, Apple, Spotify, Ingrooves, Awal, etc. with our
    smart and powerful Importer Tool
    (new sources added regularly).
  • Divide millions of transaction rows
    between you and your Rights Holders in minutes using our state-of-the-art Serverless infrastructure.
  • Record statement errors
    to fix them automatically in future processings.
  • Put operation rows
    that you can't fix right away
    in quarantine
    , in order to never be blocked in your workflow.
  • Obtains clear
    real-time accounting data
    like opening, overall, or closing balances for all Rights Holders.
  • Manage
    custom sales periods
    minimum payouts
    , and
    VAT rates
    by Rights Holder.
  • Close balances manually or automatically
    by using automated rules based on custom sales periods.
  • Generate statement
    summaries and detailed breakdowns.
  • Send statements
    by email to your Rights Holders (Soon).
  • Record and track all payments
    to never forget to pay anyone.
  • Analyze your Organization's financial flows (January, 2021).
  • Visualize detailed digital sales with our powerful real-time analytics tool (January, 2021).
Get started
Watch this video tutorial that will give you an overview of how it works:
Read articles in our in-app Help Center or grab our knowledge base:
Book a demo and let us guide you through this new product:
Multi-beneficiaries contracts
Rights Manager
Until now contracts in Reprtoir had one payer and one beneficiary. We realized all use cases were not covered with this approach.
You can now enter any number of beneficiaries in one single contract!
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