📈 Sales Analytics are now available in Reprtoir
Royalties Manager
We are happy to announce that as of today, our brand new
Sales Analytics
system is available
in the Workspace
for all Royalties Manager users, and
in the Portal
for rights-holders,
for free
It comes with
fifteen beautiful dynamic charts
which include a global Sales Overview line graph, pie and table charts for Countries, Retailers, Contracts, Sales Type and Subtype, and Top 100 Assets Charts for Artists, Albums, Tracks, Videos, and Works.
Sales Analytics
are displayed as
Quantities, Net Amounts, or Gross Amounts
and can be visualized by
Days, Weeks, Months, Quarters, or Years
Data can be grouped to show trends and performance over time
. For example, grouping by Country will show a comparison of main Countries over time, and grouping by Assets such as Artists will show a performance comparison between the selected Artists.
Sales Analytics
is fully compatible with Reprtoir’s
Advanced Filters
feature to get complex results on any kind of data and with the
Saved Search
feature to load your saved filters in a click as in any other list in Reprtoir.
Sales Analytics
is the most advanced analysis system for
Record Labels
Music Publishers
available on the market today.
Rights-Holders Portal is now available in Reprtoir
Royalties Manager
Transparency in the music business has become one of the main values that Rights-Holders expect from the Companies they collaborate with.
Reinforce the confidence of your Rights-Holders in your Organization thanks to our brand new Rights-Holders Portal system. You can now give them access to their financial data while maintaining data privacy and confidentiality.
The Rights-Holders Portal is based upon secure and private accounts (isolated from the Workspace), in which the Organization’s Rights-Holders access their lists of Statements, Operations, and Payments, as well as Analytics.
As of today, the Rights-Holders Portal system is included for free for all current Royalties Manager customers.
The Rigths-Holders Portal is also customizable with your own colors !
Want to know more about this new feature? Browse our dedicated documentation: https://docs.reprtoir.com/rights-royalties/rights-holders-portal
Right Splits for Works & CWR Export important update
Works Manager
We released an important update that allows Works Splits to be fully compatible with the CWR Export 2.1 format including territories management.
Here are the main changes:
  • "CMO Splits" has been renamed to "Original Work Splits". As indicated by its name, "Original Work Splits" is the view for the original registration of the Work.
Capture d’écran 2021-08-13 à 16
  • To have a better view of the global copyrights that you own, control, manage, or license, you have now been given the possibility to add unlimited "Sub-Publishing/Administration Splits" per territory.
Capture d’écran 2021-08-13 à 16-1
  • "Original Work Splits" and "Sub-Publishing/Administration Splits" can now be built on two levels in order to prioritize the chain of rights (or organize view). For example, if there are multiple Music Publishers in a Work (the "Parent"), you can now have a cascading view of the Songwriters (the "Child") that each entity controls.
  • A Music Publisher "Parent" can now indicate if they "Control" their "Child" or not, by checking the box located on the right of the role.
  • We added the ability to select the Mechanical and Performance Rights Organizations for each Music Publisher and Songwriter.
  • We removed the Right Organization field on Music Publisher and Songwriter forms.
  • Music Publishers and Songwriters now have multiple possible CMOs and there is a new column on these lists. The information is automatically collected from the Work Splits.
Right-Holder statements can now be sent by email!
Royalties Manager
Statements generated for your Right-Holders can now be sent by email directly from the Statement’s list.
email statements
The Statement is sent to the email address you input in the Right-Holder’s Contact/Company information.
Gross amount on all Income types
Royalties Manager
You can now specify the gross amount of any Income, including Licenses and Syncs for example.
The gross amount will be used inside the calculations of revenues if your right holders contracts are paid based on the gross amount instead of the net amount.
gross amount
Some small new features
Audio Manager
Royalties Manager
we released some small new features today :
  • We added a new
    Money Out Contracts
    column on Albums list and also its corresponding filter
  • When processing an Income the
    Operation Date
    of the generated Operations is by default filled with the
    Payment Date
    value of the Income.
  • When processing an Expense the
    Operation Date
    of the generated Operations is by default filled with the
    Expense Date
    value of the Expense.
  • When uploading files, we disabled the behaviour of auto-opening the upload window on the top bar, instead we now animate the upload icon when there is uploads in progress.
  • You can now import
    inside the Tracks and Works spreadsheets import.
  • We added a new "Artwork Size" column on Albums list. It displays cover width, height and DPI information.
  • In the top global search, we know write the
    Display Title
    instead of the title for Albums and Tracks in order to give more context on these results type.
Associated Resources Count column on Contracts list
Rights Manager
We released a new Associated Resources Count column on the Contracts list on order to visualize the number of Tracks/Works/Videos the Contract is linked to.
This will help you to better organize your Contract list and know for example which Contract is used or can be deleted.
We also added a dedicated filter for this.
associated resources count
Royalty and Rights Management major update
Rights Manager
Royalties Manager
From now on, the Contracts are mandatory to determine the Royalty Splits allocated to Assets. Therefore, you will have to create a Contract for each Right Holder, then this Contract must be associated with the Assets of the Rights Holder.
This new method is not only easier and faster but above all, greatly improves Contract and Royalty management features and flexibility in future Balances per Contract, Cross-Collateralization, Escalations, and more new features.
We are convinced that this process highly simplifies the management of royalties and significantly limits entry errors.
How does it work?
Step 1: Adding a Contract
To create a Contract, go to the navigation menu on the left, open the "Rights Manager" section and click on the "Contracts" list. Then, click on the orange button "New Contract" located at the top right of the list and select one of the options in the drop-down list.
Step 2: Adding Royalty Splits to the Contract
Royalty Split is the percentage of Royalty shared between an Organization and a third party - a Payer or a Payee - such as a Supplier, a Customer, or a Right Holder.
To add or edit Royalty Splits, open a Contract and go to the Details > Terms tab.
For each Royalty Split Types, enter a Royalty Base Rate (in percent) to the Right Holder.
contract splits
Step 3: Associating Contracts with Assets
Select one or more Tracks, Works or Videos to which you want to assign a Contract. Right-click "Edit" then go to the "Royalties" tab of the edit panel that opened.
Add one or more Contracts you want to assign to these Tracks, Works or Videos.
If needed, apply an Adjustment Rate (in percent) to add or remove percentages from the Royalty Base Rate.
contract links
New columns available on Incomes list
Royalties Manager
Since our change which requires having a contract on each Income you create, we added some new columns on the Income list.
Money In Contract, for all types of Incomes
Money Out Contract, for Incomes of type Direct Income
There is also 2 new columns for the Direct Income type, Payees and Splits.
income columns
Albums and Playlists duplication
Audio Manager
Playlists for business
We just released the ability to duplicate any album or playlist in a matter of seconds.
All users with the "create/edit" permission in Audio Manager and Playlist for Business can access this new feature.
Capture d’écran 2021-04-09 à 17
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