Multi-beneficiaries contracts
Rights Manager
Until now contracts in Reprtoir had one payer and one beneficiary. We realized all use cases were not covered with this approach.
You can now enter any number of beneficiaries in one single contract!
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We upgraded how you manage royalty splits
Audio Manager
Works Manager
We have been working on improving the management of royalty splits inside of your account, and more precisely on how you can assign splits to your tracks, works and their respective rights holders.
This brought us to optimise how you assign splits dedicated to processing your royalties through our up and coming
Royalties Manager
product that will enable users to import royalty statements and do royalty accounting for them.
In the process, we also simplified how Contributors, Right Holders and Roles are allocated in Reprtoir and how they relate to one another.
Making it easy to bulk update your splits
Before, you could easily edit your splits from either your Tracks’ or your Works’ list. Although you could multi-edit multiple Tracks or Works in one go, you could only do so for the same set of splits and right holders.
Now we are also allowing you to bulk update and assign splits through Reprtoir Spreadsheets.
This not only allows you to update your splits in bulk very easily, but also allows you to import your content and update your splits at a later date.
New territories filter
We added a new territories filter that allows you to efficiently search your data by authorized or unauthorized territories.
This filters is available in the following lists:
  • Tracks
  • Works
  • Releases
  • Contracts
Introducing Releases Manager, a major time saver for delivering your music
Releases Manager
These last few months, the team worked on a big new milestone for Reprtoir: Releases Manager, a management tool to help you save time on releasing your albums to your distributors, aggregators, streaming and/or download services.
image (2)
But bear with us. We are only releasing the beta version of Releases Manager and this first version is just paving the way to what’s to come: awesome tools to help you prepare and submit your releases much more efficiently.
How does this first version of Releases Manager work?
Easy as apple pie:
  1. Prepare your releases by making them compliant for distribution directly from your Reprtoir account
  2. Download tailor-made ZIP packages that include all the metadata, audio files and artwork ready to be uploaded to the content management system of your distributor
This is a huge time saver: no more preparing bulk upload metadata files with tons of columns and tons a manual work to send your releases to your distributors.
No more audio file handling wasting time formatting names, putting them together in specific folders, etc.
With Releases Manager V1, all of that is prepared for you in a matter of clicks and seconds.
Where can you submit your releases?
For now, Releases Manager allows you to prepare your releases for The Orchard and for Believe Digital.
We plan on adding more distribution feeds in the future.
What is planned for version 2 of Releases Manager?
Same thing, but with fully automated direct feeds, meaning all metadata and assets would be sent directly from your account to your distributors, aggregators, streaming and/or download services :)
We hope you’ll enjoy Releases Manager!
Tracks without album
Audio Manager
We added the possibility to add tracks inside of Reprtoir without the need to assign them to an album. We also added a new filter in the tracks list called "Album" that allows users to search for tracks present in specific albums.
Release of our merge tool
We just released a new tool that allows you to merge two or more contributors, catalogs or tags in order to keep only one of them.
merge tool
The idea behind this is to have a very efficient way to clean your data.
For example, imagine that your data contains several occurrences of the same artist with spelling mistakes, this tool will greatly help you!
Lock and unlock resources
Few days ago we introduced user permissions allowing administrators to manage permissions of their teams.
Today we are adding a little addition to this: the lock and unlock feature.
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Now user who have lock and unlock rights can lock resources such as albums, tracks, playlists, works or contracts to make editing/deleting those resources impossible. They can also unlock those resources at any time to modify those them if need be.
Users that do not have this unlock feature enabled for them will not be able to modify and edit locked resources.
This allows an administrator to have more granular control over the rights and permissions of its users.
We hope this will help you as much as it helps us manage our own users!
Introducing user permissions
Administrators are now able to manage permissions of their team.
They can define access to products per user, and their permissions to modify and edit those products’ resources.
These options are now available in your account. Simply go to your Settings, then go to the Users section and from there you will be able to edit the permissions of the users of your choice.
We sincerely hope these new user permissions will help you optimize your teamwork!
You can now save your searches and filters
It is quite common to look for the same things over and over again when manipulating metadata. That is why we added Saved Searches to your lists.
Saved Searches 2
When you end up using multiple filters to find what you are looking for, you will now be able to save those filters and recall them at any time.
These Saved Searches can be shared with members of your team or be kept private for your own use.
We hope they will make you save tons of time!
Metadata exports and improved custom columns
Some users have requested that we improve the way metadata is exported in Reprtoir account. We listened closely and came up with the ultimate metadata export tool!
Export Modal
To this extremely practical feature, we also bring you a complete redesign of our custom columns. Now they are more powerful and efficient than before.
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