Introducing Releases Manager, a major time saver for delivering your music
Releases Manager
These last few months, the team worked on a big new milestone for Reprtoir: Releases Manager, a management tool to help you save time on releasing your albums to your distributors, aggregators, streaming and/or download services.
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But bear with us. We are only releasing the beta version of Releases Manager and this first version is just paving the way to what’s to come: awesome tools to help you prepare and submit your releases much more efficiently.
How does this first version of Releases Manager work?
Easy as apple pie:
  1. Prepare your releases by making them compliant for distribution directly from your Reprtoir account
  2. Download tailor-made ZIP packages that include all the metadata, audio files and artwork ready to be uploaded to the content management system of your distributor
This is a huge time saver: no more preparing bulk upload metadata files with tons of columns and tons a manual work to send your releases to your distributors.
No more audio file handling wasting time formatting names, putting them together in specific folders, etc.
With Releases Manager V1, all of that is prepared for you in a matter of clicks and seconds.
Where can you submit your releases?
For now, Releases Manager allows you to prepare your releases for The Orchard and for Believe Digital.
We plan on adding more distribution feeds in the future.
What is planned for version 2 of Releases Manager?
Same thing, but with fully automated direct feeds, meaning all metadata and assets would be sent directly from your account to your distributors, aggregators, streaming and/or download services :)
We hope you’ll enjoy Releases Manager!