We upgraded how you manage royalty splits
Audio Manager
Works Manager
We have been working on improving the management of royalty splits inside of your account, and more precisely on how you can assign splits to your tracks, works and their respective rights holders.
This brought us to optimise how you assign splits dedicated to processing your royalties through our up and coming
Royalties Manager
product that will enable users to import royalty statements and do royalty accounting for them.
In the process, we also simplified how Contributors, Right Holders and Roles are allocated in Reprtoir and how they relate to one another.
Making it easy to bulk update your splits
Before, you could easily edit your splits from either your Tracks’ or your Works’ list. Although you could multi-edit multiple Tracks or Works in one go, you could only do so for the same set of splits and right holders.
Now we are also allowing you to bulk update and assign splits through Reprtoir Spreadsheets.
This not only allows you to update your splits in bulk very easily, but also allows you to import your content and update your splits at a later date.